Benny The Butcher Lyrically Addresses Shooting In Houston

Benny The Butcher finally addresses the shooting that almost took his life.

Benny The Butcher is a realer dude than I thought.

Brother got shot in Houston in the year 2020. I never thought I would be typing these words on this website. Also, I AM! Benny does the thing differently than other rappers in the past. Rappers back in the day wore getting shot like a badge of honor and even bragged about it. Remember 50 Cent? He didn’t exactly brag, but they marketed the hell out of it. The Game said, “Homey, I took 5!” and he wasn’t talking about robbing somebody for $5!”

BREAKING NEWS: Benny The Butcher Shot In Texas

Benny The Butcher, a rapper from the Griselda Gang, starts off “3:30 In Houston” differently. Last month, he got shot at a Wal-Mart in Houston, making headlines all over the world. He starts off with addressing Karma…the Karma of doing past wrongs and it coming back to get you. I thought that was a mature way to approach it. I think, based on what I have seen online, it will pay dividends.