Benzino Arrested For An Alleged Punching Incident? (Video)


The footage has surfaced.

So, Zino is now synonymous with a multitude of his legendary exploits. Be that as it may, the question remains how will Hip-Hop remember this enduring character? Well, Benzio was recently arrested for an alleged punching incident.

Of course, there is accompanying video of the situation’s aftermath. For all the inquiring minds, the father of Coi LeRay is a man of his word. No, it did not have anything to do with Eminem.

As a matter of fact, the esteemed entrepreneur is a passionate individual. Nevertheless, what if anything, does this innate fervor have to do with the situation? Well, let the Braselton, Georgia police tell it, Mr. Krabby Patty was fighting mad.

By all means, the accompanying body cam footage, shows the former owner of The Source in a state of physical distress. First off, the alleged situation comes about following an encounter with his ex, Althea Hart. Moreover, Ms. Hart maintains that Zino violently lashes out.

Currently, the former couple actively come together to raise their son. For some reason, on this particular day, things went terribly awry. Ultimately, the former rapper is arrested for criminal damage.

Following calls to the authorities, both Ms. Hart and passers-by, contend that the gym enthusiast punched a truck. Ultimately, this results in King Scott eventually being whisked away to the slammer. Questioning pleas fall on deaf ears.

If there is time, check out the lengthy video!