Is Beyonce Giving Birth To The “Blueprint” Twins This Week?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Maybe it’s me, but it doesn’t seem like Queen Bey has been pregnant that long.

Beyonce broke the ‘net a few months ago when she announced that her and Jay Z were expecting twins.

It wasn’t made clear how far along she was when she shared her pregnancy photos, but rumor has it that she may be dropping Blueprint 1 & 2 or Brooklyn & Houston Carter any day now.

I don’t know what crazy names they will give these twins, but those were a few humorous guesses.

Beyonce looks well into her third trimester, and according to RadarOnline, she will be giving birth sooner than people think!

“Beyonce’s twins are coming sooner than people think! With twins, it is not too uncommon for the doctors to perform a C-section a month or so early,” an insider told Radar!

Sources close to the family believe that Beyonce may give birth this week!

I honestly think it’s too early for Bey to be dropping these twins! What are your thoughts?

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