Beyonce’s Beyhive Drags Carlos Santana To Hell & Back!


(AllHipHop Rumors) When will they learn to stop playing with the Beyhive! Beyonce’s loyal fan base DOES NOT play!

Listen, Carlos Santana was either heavy on the drank or he hasn’t fully listened to Bey as an artist. He couldn’t have been paying attention to her discography or her live performances. If he had been, he would’ve never made this comment.

Carlos Santana certainly played into the alternative fact that Beyonce haters love to believe: the lie that the girl can’t sing!

While I’d have to say it’s extremely disappointing when Beyonce puts out records where she’s only talking on them, I’d be remiss to not acknowledge the girls incredible vocal talent.

While many are still upset that Adele beat out the Queen Bey for Album Of The Year at the 2017, Grammys, Santana decided to add insult to injury! Santana said,

“Adele is a singer, Beyoncé a model.”

Carlos was quickly reminded of who the Beyhive was and how powerful their leader Beyonce is as he quickly tried to backtrack. Nah dawg it’s too late.

It’s ridiculous how people try to discredit Beyonce, but it’s really her own fault. She needs to stop putting out those records where she’s just talking. I never understand why the talented dumb down their talent and music to try to fit in or conform. Like Beyonce can actually SING and she’s the standard. I often wonder why she doesn’t just put out all music of her singing especially in a time when R&B is on life support.

People seem to forget Bey’s talent just because of her talk/sing-along records and the theatrics of her stage show. Don’t forget Carlos, she can sang down your favorite’s favorite. What are your thoughts on Carlos’ statement?