Was Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons” Rejected By The Grammy Country Committee?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Someone wake the Beyhive up because it might be time to STING.

The Grammmy nominations were announced earlier this week, and it was revealed that Queen Beyonce has nine nods this year, making her the most nominated female artist in Grammy history.

After the racist backlash she received at the Country Music Awards, many of her fans began side eyeing The Academy wondering if Bey could’ve been eligible for more nominations.

Rumor has it, that she would’ve actually been eligible for more, but allegedly the Grammy’s Country Committee rejected her COUNTRY song “Daddy Lessons.”

According to Billboard, an insider who is very familiar with the Grammy nomination process told the Associated Press that Beyoncé allegedly submitted her song “Daddy Lessons,” to the country category.

The source chose to remain anonymous because they are not supposed to speak publicly about the matter. The insider did go on to say that the Country Music Committee did not accept the song though.

If the song was accepted, Beyoncé would have been eligible to be nominated for categories such as “Best Country Song,” and “Best Country Performance.”

When Beyonce performed the song with the Dixie Chicks at the CMAS, she received a warm welcome from Country artists like Dierks Bentley and Blake Shelton, but a lot of hate from other country artists, and their fans.

I don’t know man. I kind of want Bey to have a Kanye West moment about this one. LOL. What are your thoughts?