Big Latto’s Big Gun Flex Goes The Wrong Way


Latto seemed to brag about getting caught with a gun at LAX, but she says it is all a big misunderstanding.

Latto endures as one of the premier rappers in the present day and really show little sign of slowing up. Even when she goes a lil to the pop side, she’ll just link up with somebody like GloRilla is shore up the base in the hood. But, she may have gone a bit too far recently to show she’s a G.

She recently bragged about bringing a loaded glock to LAX. What the?

What is not clearly stated is that his is some kind of old case and she was responding to a twitter user. That is a great thing! She also clarified that this is not related to another case in Atlanta. Thank GAWD!

None of this stopped the jokes!

And Latto replied to some people, but I confess, I didn’t understand a lot of what was said.

She said she was NOT trying to flex on you h0es!