Big Sean May Have To Come See Joe Budden!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Joe Budden is certainly one of the most opinionated rappers period, and he certainly has all of the right platforms to continuously tell folks what he’s thinking.

The fact that Big Sean believes he’s one of the greatest rappers probably will leave him feeling some kind of way about Budden’s recent comments!

Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks recently took time to discuss who the best rapper alive is on their new segment with Complex, ‘Everyday Struggles’.

“Big Sean has quality music; he’s got image. He’s got all of that sh-t down to a T. He has not built the level of trust that his peers are. The people that he’s battling with, Drake, Cole, and Kendrick..from the mixtape days every time they have come out, we trust that they will deliver quality product from front to back…Sean put out a mixtape that was absolute trash. My main point is, Sean probably has every single right to say I rap better than all three of them and he does, but we are judged on our bodies of work, and Sean has albums and mixtape in his body of work that are entirely too trash for us to be able to trust him the way we trust Drake, Cole, Kendrick,” said Budden.

Seeeeee I knew it wasn’t just me! I always said I liked Big Sean, but it’s never been a love thing. It’s almost like I like his freestyles, mixtape, cypher moments etc more than the music he puts out. It’s like some of the music is corny man.

Now folks are feeling like Big Sean has too many mediocre albums, and his raps/songs tend to be too corny to be mentioned as one of the greatest rappers of today’s generation. It’s like Sean has lyrics on certain tracks, but people aren’t quick to put him in the J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar categories.

What are your thoughts? Does Joe Budden have a point?