Big Sean Was On The News Rapping About Abstinence & Drug Prevention? (VIDEO)


Big Sean may make songs about big a#### and how his girlfriend has a billion dollar p***y, but back in the day he was all about waiting until marriage to have sex. He even rapped about it on TV.

Old video of Sean Anderson when he was a member of a group called Yung Boyz is circulating around the interwebs. Sean and friends can be seen rapping about abstinence and not doing drugs during a news broadcast.

The video is obviously from when Sean was a teenager and it was uploaded to YouTube 5 years ago, but users on Reddit have breathed life back into the clip.

“I hope that young people will listen and listen to the lyrics. It’s a really powerful message,” Sean tells the camera. “Too many of these rappers are using sex and drugs to sell. We just wanted to approach it a different way.”

The clip ends with the video for “Abstain” by Sean and the Yung Boyz. “Sex and drugs ain’t funny,” spits a little Big Sean.

Watch the old vid of Big Sean below.