Big U & Wack100 – Prepare For A Hot Summer

Wack 100

Wack100 and Big U ain’t gonna be cool no time soon even though Big U was sent an olive branch.

All this power!

Wack 100 expressed some deep-seeded regret with Big U. I did not know those guys were so close. But, that olive branch was turned away like Chuckii Booker! Big U would have none of it!

I feel bad for Wack100. This seems like a bad turning point. My sources tell me it is ALL BAD as it relates to this situation. I always saw Cali as Killa Cali, but it seems cooler heads are prevailing these days. People know say certain “things” are past due. But they have not happened.

For the best….

And here is Big U’s reply.

And Hassan Campbell had something to say.

By the way, Wack100 said he never apologized or anything. So, there you have it.

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