Bill Clinton, Donald Trump Are Looking VERY Crazy In The #EpsteinFiles

The poo is hitting the fan in a major way!

(AllHipHop Rumors) this ain’t a rumor, people. This is the allegedly dark coming into the light! It is not a game! So, let’s just take it there: the #EpsteinFiles. The allegation are WILD and charge the following, among other stuff:

1) Lawyer Alan Dershowitz is a rapist (allegedly).

2) Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrews and quite a few more were complicit in the trafficking of underaged girls (allegedly). 

3) Donald Trump was involved and may have raped a 13-yr-old girl at Epstein’s mansion (allegedly).

On the sidelines there are a number of other celebrities that are either adjacent or passively implicated. 

Check these tweets out!

There is so much more to mention! Let me know when you think of this!