Birdman Denies Gillie Da Kid Was Young Money Ghostwriter; Gets A Response


I can’t wait to see what Gillie Da King’s response to this will be like.

Birdman has revealed what he says was the reason he stopped working with Gillie Da Kid, saying the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast host was never actually a ghostwriter for Young Money.

Apparently, it all went down back in the day, which we can assume was sometime around 2003 when Gillie allegedly parted ways with Young Money. In a recent Clubhouse session alongside Wack 100, Stunna broke everything down and also addressed the rift between Gillie and himself. Though he was adamant he wishes no harm to Gillie, he recanted any and all claims that Gillie wrote anything for any Young Money artists during his time with the label. Not only that, he also seemingly felt the need to go as far as affirming that he hadn’t ever made a dollar off Gillie’s music nor did he ever even release any of it.

As if that weren’t semi-inflammatory enough, Birdman detailed a particular outing in Philadelphia when he alleged Gillie failed to retaliate against Beanie Sigel for pressuring him in broad daylight at a shopping mall.

“My fallout with Gillie was, we was in Philly—I ain’t got no ill feelings with him,” Birdman started off before adding, “But n###s be putting this all this false, fake s### out.” He continued, “We was in Philly at a store and we was shopping. And Beanie come in the store, grab him, walk him outside and he got a blicky on him. We all got blicky’s on us, I got 100 n###s with me. So he n###a brought him out side and he ‘Woop-woop,’ and he ain’t do nothing. I lost all respect for him and then I stopped f###ing with him.”

It seems as though Gillie finds the entire situation comical. Not long after the clip made the rounds, he wrote a crying laughing emoji along with “25 years later.” However, something tells me we’re getting a POV video of Gillie’s eyes bloodshot and mouth spewing saliva, denying Birdman’s claims while berating him for them.