Blac Chyna’s Ex Claims She Bullied Him To The Point Of Attempted Suicide!


(AllHipHop Rumors) While Angela Renee Kardashian aka Blac Chyna is with all the sh-ts and stunts, she may have a match in one of her exes!

Blac Chyna’s ex, Pilot Jones, says he wants another 15 minutes of fame too. According to Jones, he doesn’t see how Blac Chyna is going in on Rob as he claims she once did the same things to him.

I would like to believe that Chyna never even dated this man, but judging by the other men she allegedly cheated on Rob Kardashian with, he fits her [strange] type.

Pilot Jones accuses Blac Chyna of ruining his life after their breakup when she posted his phone number online.

Jones claims he began receiving a significant amount of death threats. He also goes on to say that he had to move out of L.A. because it got so bad.

Pilot says that when Blac Chyna outed him as bisexual, the situation became so bad that he attempted suicide.

Apparently the only reason Pilot made it through is because he became a Buddhist.

Bullying and mental health issues along with suicide are no joking manner, but most don’t believe anything Pilot Jones has to say. It seems like he’s just trying to get in on the Rob and Chyna controversy!

Isn’t this the same dude that claimed he was Dream’s father until Dream came out looking JUST LIKE Rob Kardashian?! Idk man; IDK.

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