Messy Boots: Ex-Brand Manager for ‘Black Ink Crew’ Calls Out Ceasar

Black Ink Crew

Well damn, sir.

The former brand manager for Black Ink Crew is spilling tea.

Jeffrey Lewis, the CEO of It’s Only Entertainment — who grew his online magazine into a multimedia brand agency that develops the careers of urban celebrities — has taken to Instagram to put out all the messy details about Ceasar’s life.

Hit the slideshow below to see all the messy details about the Black Ink Crew capo.

According to Lewis, Ceasar’s “b###h” Suzette apparently insulted his digs in Harlem, NY — where he’s originally from — and this prompted the spill. Lewis also claims that the Black Ink Crew shops are “making no money, social media dead, the ratings is poor, and you back to looking basic.”

He went on to claim that Fezzi, who frequently appeared in the Brooklyn installment of the VH1 franchise, is homeless and sleeping in the shop. And though it wasn’t outright stated, Lewis implied that he was never paid for his services provided to Ceasar (real name: David Emanuel) and other members of the team.

But most interestingly of all, Lewis claimed that Ceasar was “paying ransoms” so Suzette’s sex tapes wouldn’t be released. “But I got the receipts!” Lewis exclaimed.

Lewis isn’t the first person to claim that Ceasar’s girlfriend was offering sexual favors in exchange for money. This accusation was first levied against the Black Ink Crew founder by his daughter, Cheyenne, who also claimed that Suzette had content posted on adult entertainment websites. When Suzette clapped back at Cheyenne by posting her alleged sexual history, many fans of the show were horrified — because, at the time, Cheyenne was a minor. And even if she wasn’t, there’s absolutely no need to “expose” your boyfriend’s daughter on social media.

Despite all of the questionable behavior on Suzette’s part, Ceasar continued his romantic relationship with her. So what does that say about him? Apparently, not a whole lot — and yet, so much at the same time.

We’ll keep you posted if Lewis spills some more tea about his ex-clients, for sure.