Black Twitter Reluctantly Defends Bow Wow Against Bigot


(AllHipHop Rumors) Mannnnnnnnn.

As you know Hip Hop fans have written Bow Wow off a time or two for his antics, but it seems like everyone was done with him after his social media stunt with his imaginary jet that kicked off the #BowWowChallenge.

While Black Twitter and Instagram were dragging Bow with the challenge, they now have reluctantly felt the need to defend him against a “racist” Caucasian entrepreneur trying to continuously humiliate him for a come up.

Timothy Sykes took to Instagram to call out Shad Moss for being a fraud, but the plot twist was that he had been caught stealing pictures and fronting on the gram a time or two also!

Sykes wrote,

“Hey @shadmoss here’s another lesson for you, when you actually fly on a #privatejet you can take a picture in front of it too, that way you don’t have to lie in interviews on how you did it on purpose to promote a TV show…unless you’re going to claim you stole my cash photo over a year ago for the show too! And you shouldn’t have lied again (you have a real nasty habit with that don’t you little man?) by saying the money wasn’t mine because I ONLY post photos of MY money, you forget that I’m not a broke ass musician like those you hang around with, I don’t drink #hennessy or #sizzurp because I use my brain to make money as #knowledgeispower and the #stockmarket is what more people should respect, not failed musicians pretending to still be relevant…hit me up if you want to learn, I’ve taught people dumber than you before, and as your thank you to me when I turn your financial situation around we can make a followup to your movie “Like Mike”, but we’ll call it “Like Tim”! #proudteacher #iloveteaching #bowwowchallenge #thegoodlife #bowwow #jewjetting #liljewjew”

Most took offense to the guy fronting himself, the hennessy and sizzurp references, the fact that dude took it too far, and the fact that he is not “family” or in the “community” that can roast Bow Wow. Check out folks defending Bow below.

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