Blueface Disowns Mom And Mom Responds Accordingly!


Blueface and his mother are going their separate ways, because he says he has disowned her.


Blueface and his mother are parting ways forever. Blueface said that he has disowned his own mother because of her “odd behavior.” They have never had the best relationship and it has metastasized into something completely cancerous and destructive. But, it is only getting worse now, shockingly. In a recent interview, he is asked about his relationship with his girlfriend, who is pregnant, and how the mom fits in. And then he responds About his mother. He says that he’s no longer got a mom and he is less stressed knowing that she is nowhere near him.

“F##k that lady”, I don’t have a mom, she’s weird she’s strange, I don’t know what her motive is, her angle,” he says to the woman that gave him life. At least he called her a lady.

You might recall last year Blueface’s sister and his mother claimed that the rapper assaulted them. This was at his own house and it was a huge mess. The rapper’s mother said she would never forgive him because he put hands on her. Well, apparently she did forgive him in time even though at the time she threatened him with the court system.

Now, she is actually responding to his “disowned” claims. She kept it curt, but said she’s not even praying for him anymore. She also suggested that he needs to disown the people leeching off of him. She continued on. It must be a tough time for this family, but it appears that the mother is moving on with the other members of the family but it’s pretty sad.

“He said F his own son birthday and I’m strange. Boy I’m not even praying for you no more. Get someone else to do it,” she put in her stories.

“This ninja said F everyone but the people leaching off him. You’re the world’s biggest weirdo. When they done with you I pray you ask God for forgiveness.”

“He don’t have a dad. He don’t have a BM. He don’t have a brother. He don’t have a sister. He don’t have a granny. He don’t have a friend. He don’t have God. But I’m weird. Everyone else is the problem but you. I’m done with you. I wash my hands.”

This toxicity is not an act, y’all!