Boi-1da Takes A Shot At Tory Lanez In Drake’s Defense


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It looks like everyone is tired of Tory Lanez mentioning and taking shots at Drake, A-list producer Boi-1da included.

Boi-1da took to Twitter to express his frustrations with an unnamed artist that is clearly Tory Lanez. He tweeted,

“One dude is selling out Madison Square Garden 4 nights, and the other dude trolling for attention & record sales. There’s levels to this.”

Clearly the first person referenced would be Drake as he and Future’s ‘Summer Sixteen’ tour featured four sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden. The latter would be Tory Lanez as he continues to take shots at Drake, backpedal, and take shots again. He even does things for attention.

Recently when asked about Drake, he said that he’s better, and he even recently suggested that Drake isn’t “good” in Philly, but he is. Lanez also sends subliminal shots at the 6 God on the regular.

Boi-1da and Tory Lanez sort of had an exchange a few months ago when Boi expressed that he was tired of hearing terrible Dancehall attempts, to which Tory replied with a link to his song “Luv” that includes elements of Dancehall.

Boi-1da seems to have a point about Tory Lanez trolling folks and trying to come up off of his drawn out feud with Drake in order to get more attention and more sales for his debut album, ‘I Told You’, that is due out in August.

Tory has to just focus on putting out good music and let the Drake stuff go.