Bow Wow Sued For Fleecing 10-Year-Old Rapper Out Of Thousands—Is It All Cap Or A Scam?

Bow Wow

Bow Wow admits the alleged victim was scammed—but just not by him.

Bow Wow’s government name is tied up in yet another challenge, but this time it’s a legal dispute rather than a social media trend.

A recent lawsuit against Shad Moss claims Bow Wow accepted $15,000 to record a feature verse for a young spitter—which he allegedly never completed. If I’m being honest though, the exact amount of money left on the floor is to be determined. Especially considering big bro basically ran off on the plug twice as court documents show Bow Wow was sent at least $3,000 via Cash app. However, the father of the pre-teen lyricist is suing for the aforementioned figure.

“Based on the foregoing and as a direct consequence of Defendant’s actions and failures, Plaintiff’s total damages, including costs and attorney’s fees, amount to $15,000.00,” the court document states.

All jokes aside, you would think folks would give Bow Weezy the benefit of the doubt, especially since he is the father of two—one being a 12-year-old girl. However, it’s times like these that Bow Wow’s previous shenanigans, such as pocketing $1,000 in ones 50 Cent gave him to throw in the strip club, that make it hard to cut him some slack.

And yet, while Bow Wow is definitely the type of person to lie about whether he’s actually flying on a private jet or commercial, he doesn’t actually strike me as the scam rap type. If anything, Bow Wow is to Guapdad 4000 what Kasher Quon is to Punchmade Dev. Just think about that, it really makes sense. Like, you don’t listen to Guapdad’s music and immediately invest in a VPN like I did after I listened to “Wire Fraud Tutorial.”

But anyways, I was just trying to say Bow Weezy isn’t a scammer. If anything, he’s a harmless crank yanker. And he actually reminded us of such while addressing the allegations on social media and referencing his infamous Catfish doppleganger in the process.

“D pimpin done got yall again huh?,” Bow Wow wrote in a tweet. “I dont conduct business on apps. I do NOT use or have cash app. So if you aint call management and send a wire .. you def was NOT dealing w me. Be careful who yall send yalls money to online. This happens everyday to folks. This the 3rd time somebody acting like me catfishing people.”

Believe it or not, muthaf###as have been finessing folks under the guise of Bow Wow’s likeness for quite some time now. The “Dee Pimpin” individual Bow Wow refers to in his statement about the lawsuit is actually the Atlanta-based Lesbian rapper notoriously featured on an episode of Catfish back in 2013. Shawty actually sent the ting she was gaming up 10 racks just to show her it’s real!

Now, whether it was a female rapper, who also doubles as a reality TV star, behind the scam targeting the 10-year-old isn’t a question that none of us can answer right now. One thing we all do know for sure is that this man Bow Wow has some stunt doubles ready on standby in case he decides to shoot a film or a visual reminiscent of Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady.”