Bow Wow Takes Another “L”!


Photo via Bow Wow’s Instagram

Bow Wow just can’t catch a break. Sometimes it seems like he should stay off of social media. The kid sets himself up every time. Bow Wow says Dab is a strong way to smoke marijuana. He says its the purest form of marijuana, and it’s extremely strong. He says the dance comes from when you smoke and you cough, and well the first thing you allegedly do is …… “DAB”. Jose Guapo quickly let fans know that Bow Wow can’t tell you anything about DABBIN. He asks wtf is wrong with Bow. Rich The Kid also jumped in and told Bow Wow,

“Somebody pls tell Bow Wow s### cuz that is NOT where the dab came from. Fukin clown’.”

It looks like Rich The Kid and Jose Guapo will need to enroll Bow Wow in DAB 101 class. Get your boy!!!