#BowWowAintBeenPoppinSince: Bow Wow Gets Roasted Once Again!


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Rapper Bow Wow has taken yet another L via social media and it’s hashtags. The rapper honestly does it to himself. He seems to have fallen victim to the “child star curse” because this man can’t win for losing.

From being arrogant for no reason to posting ignorant comments about race, social injustice, and his lack of involvement in political matters, one has to wonder what’s wrong with Shad Moss.

If you are wondering what started the latest social media attack against Lil’ Bow Wow, it’s his latest feud with his ex, Erica Mena.

Bow Wow didn’t appreciate Erica’s interview with DJ Vlad as she told him that she allegedly broke things off with Bow, and she did it because he was more damaged than she was.

Bow Wow had some choice words for Erica Mena, and well another session of relentless roasting ensued for the rapper.