The Man To “Blame” For A$AP Rocky For Impregnating Rihanna!

There is somebody responsible for Rihanna getting pregnant and ASAP Rocky getting blessed…and he is not getting the “credit” he is owed.

When Rihanna announced her pregnancy, most people were overjoyed and happy that the singer got preggers after years of hard work in the music industry.

Her boyfriend ASAP Rocky is the toast of the town for most people.

So from our company AllHipHop to your “company” congratulations!

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Nevertheless, there is a contingency of people that is unhappy with the news. Kinda. They – somehow – thought they had a shot with Rihanna and that now that shot is gone.

To that, I say:

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They have decided to direct their anger and rage to one person. Brother Has.

I am sure you remember when A$AP Rocky was facing multiple years in jail while he was in Switzerland. If you recall, his crew beat up some local yokel overseas and got locked up. When that happened, he was in an international crisis that even Donald Trump had to get involved with.

ASAP was smart enough not to be all overly gracious to Donald Trump, but he was still extremely gracious to one man. Brother Has!

If not for the efforts of Brother Has, ASAP Rocky would still be incarcerated and unable to impregnate Rihanna.

There is a multi-verse somewhere where they don’t even meet each other and consummate their relationship with the birth of a new child. However, in this universe, this is happening!

And you can blame one man: Brother Has!

BrotherMan is a shadowy figure in the world of music and entertainment that has been pulling strings behind the scenes for years. He has been largely unnoticed by the mainstream, but folks like us know exactly who he is! He even has a blue verified check on IG.

We have no beef with him, but he is to blame for this current situation that has Rihanna blessed beyond measure with a new baby!

The name: Brother Has.