Busta Rhymes Is P#####! T.I. Has Unleashed The Dungeon Dragon!

Busta and Tip are going back and forth HEAVY! Did

The Busta Rhymes and T.I. situation is heating up quite a bit. For those that don’t know, Busta Rhymes did an interview with fat Joe and the two talked about appearing for a potential versus battle and T.I.’s name came up. Well, what’s the essentially challenged T.I. to a battle. Well the battle was shot down immediately by T.I. because he said that the two of them were from two different generations.

There is some validity to what Tip is saying. The original group that Busta Rhymes is a part of, Leaders of the New School, started their career in the late 1980s and they were a very popular and successful group. Their first album hit in 1991 though! Make no mistake about it, they were very dope! And then, Busta Rhymes went solo and he really did the thing on his own.

Now the issue is, first of all, TI is not willing at this moment to battle Busta Rhymes, because he says he is from a completely different era – the early 2000s. Busta Rhymes has a solo artist has a catalog that transcends generations and really does hit hard up in the current era. Things have changed just a little bit though. After a few times of back-and-forth over social media it seems like T.I. agreed to battle Busta Rhymes if he would start ONLY USING RECORDS where Tip’s career started. And that there is just a little bit weird! I don’t quite understand why he would accept the battle with conditions.

I think Busta has gotten to T.I. because he had a valid reason at first and then he deviated from it because of … COMPETITION!! The other thing is, both of these guys are actual emcees and fierce lyricists and I think that both of them really do want to go at it in their way. Busta Rhymes is a battle rapper that has many pop hits and that is a very daunting proposition for T.I. Tip is the trap lord of the South and not so much of a battle MC. He’s clearly nice with the bars and has more classic albums than Bussa Buss but is he ready to battle a self-proclaimed dungeon Dragon? I am not so sure about that!

And then there is Young Jeezy! I think Young Jeezy versus T.I. is far more interesting, but it also keeps it in the chamber of trap music. And to me, that is what people really want to see because they are evenly yoked artists! They would be literally fighting for the whole crown of the king of the south with this battle. I think that Verzuz will get made and I think Busta Rhymes will be a bit of a stain on T.I.‘s record, simply for declining to battle. That’s not to say that T.I. and Busta is not something people would watch but just to say that they are such different artists that it will be a simple back and forth.

Here’s some stuff online.

There is a live with Busta and his rap potna Spliff Star and they are going hard at Tip! This is getting HOT!

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