Cam’Ron is Hilarious, Sliding Into Nia Long’s DMs


Cam’ron is hilarious! He decided to slide in Nia Long’s DMs and cracked everybody up.

First of all, let’s start this off with some Hip-Hop. Mase, Jadakiss and Cam’ron have a song together. They call it “Gorilla, Lion, Hyena.” I was wondering which of them is the hyena. I think I know, but you tell me. Anyway, the song is pretty cool. I won’t say its revolutionary or anything groundbreaking, but its cool.

Let me know what you think. These guys are on tour together and may be a super group before its all said and done. They are dope though.

Anyway, it seems to me that Cam has another potential career in comedy. He has been fun for a long time and it continues to this day. He decided to send Nia Long a DM and posted it.

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First of all, Nia wants me. Secondly, Cam a fool! He even talked French to get at Nia. HAHA!