Cam’Ron Responds To Jim Jones Verzuz Talk

Cam'ron Jim Jones

Jim Jones and Cam’ron have different views on whether or not they should try to battle The Lox again in a Verzuz.

You might remember a few weeks ago, Jim Jones stated that he wants to do a re-do with the Verzuz battle with The Lox. He stated that it was a good time to do it bigger and better at the Madison Square Garden proper (as opposed to the MSG Theater). He also admitted that they were not really prepared for what Jada, Sheek and Styles had to offer The Dips.

There was a lot of conversation on whether or not they should even bother. But, one thing is for sure he wasn’t comfortable taking that loss. I should say also that Jim is doing a lot of great things in music, on the solo side of things. However, is it possible that they could do this versus repeat? I was hoping for a yes, but it looks like the answer is more “no.”


Folks I know have informed me that Cam’ron is not with this at all. He has completely moved on. He does not want to do another Verzuz battle with The Lox. Period. I am hearing he also does not really feel like doing music at all anymore. Clearly, I’m told, if the money is right, he’s in, but not a Verzuz. 

For those that do not know, Cam’s reportedly working on a sports-related talk show with former foe Ma$e

They are staring at a new deal with none other than Diddy. Even Ma$e is on board with the deal because he ain’t getting his publishing back. I am good with this. I think Cam was happy getting his money from Verzuz and moving on.  

Check out the full interview with Jim Jones. He says a lot, much more than this old Verzuz talk!