Investigative Journalist EXPOSES Candace Owens & Other Conservative Influencers As ACTORS!

Candace Owens

This really shouldn’t be shocking.

Remember when one of the earlier posts about Candace Owens called her a “minstrel show“? Remember the OUTRAGE that followed?

As it turns out, the assessment wasn’t far off.

Chad Loder, an investigative journalist, recently posted a Twitter thread in which he exposed Candace Owens — and other “far-right” influencers — as paid actors. In other words, Owens — like many of her MAGA compatriots — are being paid to lie.

Check out the important parts of his Twitter thread below.

Loder’s Twitter thread, as it turns out, is based on an investigative piece by Nicole Chenille, who made this thread exposing how ExploreTalent — the agency that churned out Candace Owens and other far-right personalities — would recruit failed Hollywood actors, directors, and screenwriters to push their conspiracy theories. It’s also supported by a BBC investigative report, where the same agency that recruited Candace Owens also tried to recruit YouTube influencers — until the influencers blew up their spot.

But, as Loder points out, today’s crisis actors on the right are more than just failed actors looking for a paycheck. “There’s a reason that we always see the SAME few dozen people attending/organizing anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-mask, anti-vaccine, anti-LGTBQ+, pro-Trump rallies. It’s “modular activism”. It’s fake outrage. And reporters keep interviewing these folks as if they’re sincere,” he said. “Just like with antivaxxers, the people staging protests against “Critical Race Theory” around the country are part of a centrally managed astroturf campaign. Anonymous shell companies, paid influencers, fake websites, secret donors, all backed by Koch and other billionaires.”

And Candace Owens isn’t the only one who’s been exposed as part of a larger paid influencer campaign. Yes, folks, even hip-hop has fallen victim to this scam.

More than a few of the “hotep” contingent has retweeted Tariq Nasheed, who often couples his pro-Black sentiments with virulent misogynoir, calling Black women “bed wenches” if they date or marry white men (or women).

As it turns out, Nasheed himself is a failed R&B singer.

Of course, as can be expected, his Twitter profile now pushes his nonsense music on iTunes, given how many people now have given him relevance.

UPDATE: Additional reports found at this link reveal that Tariq Nasheed was also a coach on the show “Made,” which was on MTV back in 2004.

According to MTV, Tariq Nasheed billed himself as an author who wrote the book, “The Art of Mackin’.”

Per the MTV script, “Brian’s lady luck is about to change when he meets his coach, the author of “The Art of Mackin’,” Tariq Nasheed. Brian is about to be MADE into a ladies’ man!

Amazon also has Nasheed’s book still for sale, and the reviews are worthy of note: “I DO NOT endorse Tariq’s entire attitude or methodology, even though it clearly works for him. It’s very ghetto,” wrote one reviewer. “Many of the examples in this book are so over-the-top domineering that I for one would call the cops if anyone tried that crap on me. A lot of these are the same tactics used by aggressive street criminals and con artists, so they’re worth noting even if you never hang out in clubs yourself. I’ve been the target of approaches like these and it’s awful. It is both wearisome and depressing to be subjected to a relentless barrage of controlling conversation, surprise touching, dominating body language, and other such subterfuges. It’s completely dehumanizing. I feel sorry for the people who think mastering these tricks is the pinnacle of success and even sorrier for their targets, who’ve been treated like crap all their lives to the point they respond positively to these strong-arm verbal tactics.”

And how about Hotep Jesus?

This dude is an even bigger fraud than Tariq Nasheed. His real name is Bryan Sharpe, and until he started pushing the “far-right” narrative, he was pushing the idea of being a rapper (as was everyone else in Fif’s hanger-on circle at the time). He went by the name of Daddy Bawsten.

Recognize the face, folks?

Stay woke, though.