Canibus Addresses The Pete Rock Situation: “Pete, I Love You.”


Canibus takes a moment to REALLY put that Pete Rock situation in context. Nothing but love for his fellow Hip-Hop Legend.

Canibus is a pretty classy dude. He’s evolved a lot and he’s not really

Canibus is a pretty classy dude. He’s evolved a lot and he’s not really about beef. “When you don’t know what’s going on, you gotta be quiet,” Canibus says. For some reason, Pete Rock decided to distance himself away from the album he and Canibus presumably did. He actually denied it altogether, but M80, one of the Canibus team members, produced a lot of receipts that say he was paid for his work. On the real, we do not like getting into this stuff. Why?

We have two legends right here. We love them both. They are both dope to this day and we want the best for them. Anyway, moving on. Canibus does a great job at diffusing the matter, but also explaining in detail his point of view. He also says that he really did not get it. “Its always been respectful,” ‘Bis says, “Last time I saw Pete Rock, it was hugs.”

Canibus completely denies there is any situation between him and Pete Rock. I feel him, but we also should recognize that Pete’s tweets are Pete’s tweets. He went on and on and he and M80 had pretty extensive conversation on Twitter. Anyway, salute Canibus!! Respect and I hope and pray this all gets resolved.

“Pete, I love you man and that’s on my heart beat,” Canibus says.

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Anyway, here is our latest interview with Canibus and it is a great conversation. No beef, just veggies!