This Cardi B Look Caused Instant Internet Mayhem

Cardi B

Is the Internet merely bored; or, is it done with the blatant Tom Foolery?

So, a recent Instagram post from Cardi B is causing quite the commotion. A pristine white swimsuit, flawlessly paired with strappy pink heels set off the avant-garde ensemble. However, it’s the questionable coif and suggestive poses which are coming under fire!

First off, the diamond-certified artist works diligently to garner public appeal. Although, her creative canon is challenging to Hip-Hop, it’s most definitely financially rewarding. Moreover, her work ethic and ability to champion both established and emerging talent helps solidify her relevancy.

Seemingly, part of being a starlet is looking like one. Of course, the “WAP” rapper is surgically-snatched to the gods. With this, she’s usually able to make any and everything appear wonderful. Well, that is most of the time.

Nevertheless, these suspicious strands are what’s most concerning to the public’s opinion. Here, the Bronx baddie makes stunning poses. In an array of images, she looks as if she may be offering up a purported sacrilegious subtext.

Most importantly, Bacardi is being challenged by her legion of fans. On social media, candid allegations are circulating. These range from bowing down as an Illuminati puppet and mocking The Carpenter on the cross to showing Satanic allegiance with the triple six hand-gesture—and let’s not forget—the simplicity of the “eff you” gesture.

So, did the internet get it right or are there too many conspiracy theorists with idol time on their hands? Thoughts…