Cardi B Issues Raw Response to Project Pat’s “Chickenhead” Comments

Cardi B

Cardi B Gets Super Emotional After Learning of Project Pat’s “Chickenhead” Remarks

What does Cardi B and “Chickenhead” have in common? The “WAP” rapper’s moves impact the entire Hip-Hop genre. One of Rap’s Southern sons, Project Pat, tackles this question.


It should be noted that Project Pat delivers an unabashed honesty. His thoughts on Cardi’s creative canon are candid. Keep in mind, that Project Pat’s Ode to the Ratchets, “Chickenhead,” contains many a bristling bar.

The north Memphis narrator spits, “…bald head scalawag, ain’t got no hair in the back / gelled up, weaved up, yo’ hair is messed up…,” yes, a punishing perspective. This offering is included on his 2001 release, Mista Don’t Play: Everythangs Workin.

Recently, the curious, VladTV, inquires about the classic track being sampled for “Bickenhead.” It appears on Cardi B’s, Diamond-certified, debut album, Invasion of Privacy. The matter-of-fact MC offered, “It was a real good look, man; shout out to her!”

A gracious smile serves as the segue into his next statement, “I was a Cardi B fan back when she was on Instagram talkin’ crazy.” In addition to earning financial compensation, “Bickenhead,” helped to garner over 20,000 Instagram followers for an appreciative Project Pat.

Via Twitter, after learning about the “Chickenhead,” commentary, Bacardi expressed her sheer gratitude. 

For making this moment possible shout out to Hip-Hop!