Caresha Goes OFF On Akademiks After Being Called “Side Chick”

Diddy Yung Miami

Yung Miami aka Careesha went off on DJ Akademiks for saying she’s the other jawn.

I don’t know what the hell possessed DJ Akademiks to mention the situation with Diddy, Yung Miami, and baby but he did. And she went off! For some reason, he thought it was appropriate to call her a “side b####.”

First of all, she is not that. She is all up in Diddy’s Instagram and his network Revolt. He flaunts her very outright. From what I understand about a side chick, they are in the shadows, and they are taken care of, but hidden. By the way, the rumor is Yung Miami gets like $200k per month as her allowance from the Bad Boy mogul! She is RICH compared to us all.

I don’t know where AK said this mess at, but Yung Miami caught wind of it, and became the city girl we know she is! She went berserk on Twitter earlier today, and has not deleted it yet! I screen grabbed it just in case, because I suspect she’s going to remove the post soon.

I have to admit, DJ Akademiks makes me wanna say something offensive because he gets more and more powerful with each offense. Dude is like the DragonballZ of rap!

I do agree with young Miami in one regard, he does not come outside! And I think that’s for the best, because if he comes outside, he’s going to get touched!

This is the attention economy that we live in today. I’m not mad at it, but I prefer anonymity. At the time of this writing, there has been no mention of Sean Combs in the mix of this latest fracas. But, we know what’s being said!

keeping it real, we know she’s hurt a bit. She’s probably hurt a lot. Her main man had a baby in October with another woman. Nothing about that will make you feel good. Oddly enough, she used some gay comments that have not gone over well, so I hope she avoids “them off for you “the mafia,” because that could be problematic for her.