Carl Crawford Has Megan Thee Stallion ‘Coke Head’ Receipts?

The chaos continues.

So, the entrenched legal battle between Megan Thee Stallion and Carl Crawford intensifies. Actually, he is threatening to drop ‘coke head’ receipts! Recently, the record exec hopped on Instagram Live to make the caustic allegations.

Of course, Tina Snow’s lyrical dexterity continues to impact the genre. In fact, for her contributions to the craft, she has yielded great distinction. This year, she is the recipient of iHeart Radio’s Trailblazer award. To date, she is earning tremendous professional success.

However, her personal life appears to be experiencing profound discord. First off, the Houston Hottie was allegedly shot by a peer. Additionally, she is embroiled in another legal proceeding. Her former label, 1501 ENT is claiming breach of contract.

In other words, Carl Crawford — the baseball star-turned music executive — is upset that the acclaimed artist left his label. Be that as it may, any legal proceedings are unable to confine his apparent disdain. Generally speaking, he is using social media as a platform to voice his angst.

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To be fair, in a previous wifi war of words Hot Girl Meg, did insinuate that Carl has an indulgent nature. Following that insult Carl comes out swinging. “Aye Meg, you better tell your fans about this coke sh*t before I really get to telling them who the coke head is around this muthaf*cker,” chides Carl.

Soon, he insists, “I’m telling you.  I don’t got nothing but atomic bombs in my system.  I got evidence proof.  I’m going to present receipts.” To make things worse, Crawford believes that the “Savage” MC owes him millions of dollars.

In any case, he is definitely seeking to regain a return on his investment. Then, of himself, he declares, “They just trying to hoe a n*gga.”

Will Megan Thee Stallion be able to get past this accusation?