Cassidy Takes Massive Loss In Recent Battle!

We love Cassidy, but this ain’t a good look!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Those of us of a certain age remember when Cassidy and Freeway battled. A pair of young Philly rappers that were at the pinnacle of their game. Freeway was down with The Roc and Cass was down with Swizz Beatz…or soon-to-be. Either way, Cass was on the come up and he was known to be a fierce battler in the field of Hip-Hop. That was a very long time ago…over 10 at the very least. Anyway. the homie Cass is basically the blueprint for the URL-type of a battle rapper. But, fast-forward to 2020, the genre has taken on a life of its own. 

It is well known that the youth eat the old in rap, and this has not changed. Now, Cass is the OG and there are scores of younger rappers that are feasting on him. The last is Arsenal, the NY rapper. I didn’t even know they were battling until after it happened. The streets have told me that the former young bull has taken yet another L. They did not mince words when talking about it. 

The crowd seemed to boo Cass. 

Now, let me be clear: I like Cassidy. I am sure he likes rapping still. He ain’t wack. But, this is the thing: THE GAME HAS CHANGED. He’s going to have to change up or else he will always be a stepping stone for these young professional battlers. I will pray for him. 

This all went down in Philly by the way. It looks like Freeway, Gillie and other Philly greats were in the house. How ironic. 

At one point, Arsenal put his hands on Cassidy and it looked like it may turn into a real fight. Look at it below.

Check this out…remember that Cassidy has actual songs.