Chance The Rapper Drags All Record Labels – CREATIVELY!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Chance The Rapper certainly doesn’t mind taking any opportunity to not only remind you that he is a successful independent artist, but also to remind you that he doesn’t rock with the major labels!

In hilarious news, Chance used one of his recent concerts to drag Sony, Warner, Motown, Atlantic, Def Jam, Virgin Records, Universal and more!

He performed “No Problems” on the first night of the ‘Be Encouraged’ tour and clowned the record labels. I can’t stop laughing at the names he gave each label such as, “Phony”, “Don’t Join Recordings”, “Villain”, “Can’t Do Math”, “A Titanic”, “No Crown”, “Eclick”, and “Universe”.

Chance is fed up! LOL. Chance is still turning down loads of cash and slamming the doors in record labels’ faces all to remain independent. Chance has also previously expressed that the labels have been upset about him rejecting them, so they try to sabotage him in anyway that they can behind the scenes.

I’m sure they won’t be too happy about this. LOL. Is Chance taking it too far?