Charlamagne Tha God Apologizes To Kwame Brown

Kwame Brown N Charlamagne

Charlamagne does the right thing.

Charlamagne Tha God got all the smoke over the weekend, but he has swiftly resolved the matter with Kwame Brown. Kwame Brown, as you know is a veteran NBA player who has retired, but he was a subject of much discussion when commentators decided to remark on his career. First of all the man made over $60 million in roughly 12 years. That’s success even if he didn’t become the next Michael Jordan. So, Charlamagne the God has apologized.

He did the right thing, because there was nothing else to do. After hearing what Kwame Brown said, particularly about his father and the revelations around his father situation, that was the best deal. We didn’t know, and I’m sure that Charlamagne didn’t know that he revealed more about Kwame‘s family then Kwame even knew. And I am sure that is very hurtful, and I have to tip my hat to Charlamagne for acknowledging that he was totally wrong. I mean, we can tell he didn’t mean any harm, but it went left fast.

Meanwhile, I noted noticed that they dropped a bomb at the end of the video. And that seems to be a nod to Funk Flex. Over the weekend Funk Flex went berserk on Charlamagne in a way I have not heard anyone do. Now, we know these guys are long time rivals and they are the spearhead at their respective radio stations. So they are going to be rivals as representatives of a corporate entity. But it was a phenomenal act from Funk Master Flex, even if his intentions were not pure. The whole spectacle of it made it worth listening to.

I think they may want to send him one of those cease and desist letters! He was talking reckless and greasy! It should be noted that, while Jessica Reid says she was raped by C Tha God when she was 15 years old, a rape kit test did not support that. There was no Tha God DNA in that kit. I am not sure who HAD fluids in that kit, but it was not him. Charla eventually had to plead guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor – a function of having alcohol at this tragic and fateful party.

Now the question is: what next? That is a very good question. I do think that the smoke will dissipate, I do think the beef will subside. But I think that Kwame brown is looking to get his initiatives in the community funded, and that means money. So I am hoping that Charlamagne and his corporate interests gets the opportunity to make Kwame Brown whole in the way that seems to work for him. Help the kids in the community!

One thing is for sure, we can see that Charlamagne is a highly evolved individual who has changed dramatically from his days back down south, his days with Wendy Williams to the present day. The truth is, I can respect that. I do believe there was very little he could say on this Monday morning in opposition to the smoke he received, but I thought that his apology was thoughtful, sincere, and even classy. So let’s see what happens next.