Charleston White Confirms He Got Boosie’s Son Arrested

Charleston White

Charleston White claims he is the one that sicced the Austin Police on Lil Boosie’s son! And he tried to get T.I.’s son too.

We no longer have to speculate.

Charleston White has gone on the record to state that he was the one that got Tootie Raww, Lil Boosie’s son, arrested. This silly stuff has to stop. First of all, Tootie Raww is 19 years old and Charleston White is about 50 and up. He looks 55 or more to me! Anyway, this grown ass man and this teenager have been going at it for quite some time on social media. White claims Tootie threatened to kill him. So, when it was mutually known that they would both be at massive festival SXSW, White called the Austin Police. He informed them that Tootie Raww had drugs and guns on him.

I don’t know for sure, but it seems like the APD took everything CW said as gospel and arrested Boosie’s son. Apparently, he spent the night in jail and left with the paperwork that I mentioned in a previous post. I am thinking Boosie should holla at his son and give him the game. If he doesn’t, this could be a rough road for him. On top of that, CW said that he wanted to get KING, who is T.I.’s son. Remember, Tip and Boosie are no longer friends, but their kids are. They may be forced to come together for a common foe in a bit.

What does Charleston White even do?

What is more sad is that we are still calling the cops on people. Right? A Black man was found decapitated recently and the cops said there was no foul play. So, I am thinking we need to do things a bit differently.