Joe Budden Reveals EXACTLY Who Is Ruining Hip Hop!


(AllHipHop Rumors) There are many people who agree with Joe Budden right now!

Joe Budden is NOT here for rapper Lil Yachty! Lil Yachty certainly got people talking with the release of the artwork for his cover for his new project, ‘Teenage Emotions’.

Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks decided to take a moment to discuss Lil Yachty as a whole. According to Joe Budden, Lil Yachty is killing Hip Hop right now.

“I never want to talk about Yachty. I don’t think that Yachty is Hip Hop. And here we are on Monday morning, a beautiful Monday morning talking about Lil Yachty someone who I think is ruining the culture, someone who should not be accepted in this f-cking culture,” said Joe Budden.

I honestly don’t see one lie here! The “kids” seem to love Lil Yachty and think that people like Joe Budden are just old heads that aren’t with the times.

I think it’s time to tell the truth! Charlamagne wasn’t too far off with his comment about Yachty being the poster child for wack rappers. I just don’t understand how artists are okay with putting out trash and mediocre music.

Looking at the greats that came before them, or even the greats that are in the game with them now, how could one not push themselves to deliver the best quality music possible? Probably because it’s a money game to most. They don’t do it for the art or love of music. They do it to be famous and secure a bag. Carry on!

Do you think Joe Budden has a point?