Chief Keef Says F*ck The BET Hip Hop Awards!


In hilarious news, Chief Keef is big mad that he’s allegedly been blacklisted from BET and the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Chief recorded a video saying,

“Man f*ck the BET Awards. I’ma let you know right now if we got to the BET Awards, chains getting took, b*tches getting f*cked, baby mamas getting f*cked still pregnant and all of that.”

Chief is BIGGGGG MAD! Bow Wow jumped in the comments saying,

“BET banned sosa. I was fighting to get sosa on 106 it was no go from the upers. They really black balled him from mainstream it’s crazy.”

Looks like Chief’s almost little mainstream run is over! We’ll still play “I Don’t Like” remix for you today Sosa. LOL.