Is Former Happy Rapper Chingy, A Blood Now?

Chingy was known as a happy rapper, but he’s looking more like a gang member.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Sometimes I feel like I am out of the loop. This is particularly true about about the influx of gangs and stuff in Hip-Hop. Back in the day, I saw movies and documentaries about gangs and they used to beat their members in. You could see the realness in their SOULS and how much they are moved by the thing of theirs. This was before the proliferation of Hip-Hop. Now things have changed and I am confused.

Forget Tekashi! Chingy looks like he is in a gang now. Some of you may not remember Chingy because he was initially out a very long time ago as a member of Ludacris’s DTP crew. He was also maligned when a transsexual straight up LIED on him saying that they had a relationship of a sexual type! At the time, NOBODY believed Chingy. Why? I am not sure, but maybe because he called himself “Ching-A-Ling.” OR maybe it was because ol’ Chingy did music of a decidedly softer sort. I don’t hold that against him and he was successful. And then the music faded. 

I am happy to let you know that Chingy is BACK. Check this out! 

What do the visuals to this song say to you? I don’t know about you, but I see a man that has joined the Blood Nation later in life than the norm. I don’t know if he was always in a gang and just now started to represent, but it is a stark contrast to this, “Right Thurr.” BUT…if you look at the color scheme to Chingy’s past music, we might be surprised to see a lot of red.

I am suddenly confused. 

What is more confusing is that zebra-style backpack that Chingy is wearing on the front of his body. It seems a bit odd to me if he is a Blood. Things are changing fast, but I just don’t see most gangsters rock their clothing like this.