Chris Brown Trolls TF Out Of Donald Glover Over “Beyonce” Fit

Chris Brown made fun of Donald Glover’s fit at Beyonce’s secret Renaissance album party. What he funny?

Chris Brown went and did it. As we know it before, over the weekend, Beyoncé had a party for her Renaissance album. The affair was touted as a secret, but it sure seem like a lot of people knew about it. The paparazzi was there, all the superstar celebrities were there, and the ensuing rumor mill had us talking a lot.

Donald Glover had a lot of people discussing his fashion choices when he wore a spandex outfit with a silky shirt over it. He looked like he wanted to get physical or something, RIP Olivia Newton-John. Now, in every picture he took he had this goofy sort of face like “Yes, this is what I am wearing today and you’re going to love it or hate it. “

What he wore, attracted a lot of people attention, but Chris Brown spoke the loudest about it. Most people sort of kept quiet. Breezy trolled him in a way that probably will garner him some criticism. But, I think it was all in good fun. “I can hear the tambourines when he walk.”

What made it worse was this website FitAintNothing went in on Childish Gambino more than Chris.

“This is CHILDISH NANBINO !!!” the caption. Oooo weeee @donaldglover this ain’t NOTHEEN !! … N###a dressed like he finna walk a tight rope and Hike Stone Mountain at the same time. this s### so nasty , Mysterious and Chaotic all wrapped into that Tinfoil windbreaker you got on my bwoiiii.”

“I don’t give a damn if THIS IS AMERICA you look like you go Hang-gliding to Pretty little thing for a side mission NAN!!”