Chris Brown Was Tricked Into Going After Karrueche At The Club?


Chris Brown once again became the butt of many social media jokes after pics/video surfaced on him confronting ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran outside an L.A. nightspot. The R&B singer was even seen banging and yelling at Karrueche’s door around 3:30 in the morning. The whole thing made CB look like an obsessive ex that didn’t know when to let go.

TMZ got word that Chris was supposedly just acting on advice from mutual friends that told him Karrueche was looking to get back together. But it seems it was all a lie. The site reports:

Fact is, Karrueche never told anyone she wants back with Chris. According to our sources, she and Chris figured out the next day that they’d been had. We’re told they’re cutting off the so-called “friends” behind the conspiracy.

Maybe the two can finally move on. We’ll see.

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