Comedian Recalls The Time Rev Run Checked Jay Z!


While Corey Holcomb certainly has NO chill, it was comedian Freez Luz that took the cake with this recent show.

Freez recalls a time when he witnessed a small confrontation between Rev Run and Jay Z.

He says he was doing a show in Fayetteville, NC. Tha Alkaholiks, Akinyele, Jay Z, and Run DMC were all on a show together.

Before the show they had to do a few promo runs, and one of the stops was a record store where they signed autographs to promote the show.

Freez says they were all in the record store and Rev Run was like where is Jay Z. Apparently Dame Dash told Run that Jay was going to sit this one out.

Freez said Run went to the van and went off on Jay Z! According to Freez, Run said,

“Yo get the f-ck out of this van and get in here and sign these f-cking autographs. You see Run DMC signing autographs…get the f-ck out this van and sign autographs.”

Freez Luv said Jay Z definitely got out the van and signed those autographs. LOL. Run didn’t care. He felt like everyone was there to sell the show and sign the autographs. If Run DMC was going to sign some autographs, so was Jay!

Holcomb says Rev Run can hustle that Rev sh-t all he wants, but he knows who he really is. He still isn’t here for Rev Run! LOL.