Coming 2 America? Why Did It Drop Early?

Coming 2 America is here! What do you think?

Have you seen Coming 2 America yet? Coming 2 America is this sequel to the original of almost the same name, which came out in the late 1980s! It stars and Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, and a host of others that created a classic that has endured for 30 years. The original did not get 5-start ratings…

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Moving on!

Well, the movie is “back” and it has everybody’s talking once again! I just wanted to say, that Coming 2 America dropped early last night! I was trying to catch a stream and didn’t because it was a bad link, but I went to my Amazon account and it was there. But why?

Well, it’s pretty simple! Just like I said, everybody was trying to get to the movie! It was in such high demand, that I believe Amazon opened up the floodgates so that the people could get the movie as they were trying to get it. There were numerous streams and opportunities early for critics and journalists, but not others. I am others. Also, there was a case of piracy and bootlegging!

Soon as the digital files are released, it was open to be stolen and re-purposed in other ways. Amazon knew that there is/was an extreme high likeliness that the movie that they promoted for months would be released to places they could not monetize. So they opened it up for everyone early to subvert that sort of piracy.

So what are y’all think about the movie?

I have not seen it yet but I do intend to watch it all tonight as I initially intended, because I don’t have anything else to do on a Friday night. Watching it last night would’ve ruined my weekend. So I am going to check it out and let you know later. I will say this, Coming To America (the original) is a hard act to follow, and this movie has a big burden to bare. I am surprised they even tried it! I see some of the reviews and it’s not so good, but some of the others give it a little bit of slack and some concession for the modern era. So let’s check it out! Give it a shot y’all!