Common Confirms That Erykah Badu Has The “Holy Box”


Over the years it has been rumored that there are some pretty magical things about singer Erykah Badu. It’s clearly believable as she has three rapper baby daddies and she has been rumored to have changed and influenced each rapper that she’s dated.

Common confirmed that Erykah had the iconic box when he stopped by to chat with the Chicago Morning Take Over Radio Show.

The radio hosts first alluded to women like Amber Rose and the Kardashians changing lives. They even joked that Erykah changed Common’s style in fashion choices.

Common grinned and expressed that Erykah certainly has a “holiness” about her and “The Light” was in fact inspired by her. He left it there as he expressed that she’s a Queen.

We all know what he meant though. Erykah’s lady parts are apparently magic!

Common also says he will be putting out some really conscious music.