Rumors & Tidbits: Jeezy, Common, Malik Yoba, Trans Women…

Here’s a lot of chatter than happened over the weekend, that Illseed missed.

(AllHipHop Rumors) We have some house cleaning rumors out here to clean up. I didn’t really cover it, because it dealt with relationships and whatnot. So, let us go back to people that are happy!

First up are Jeezy and Jeanie! Now, that has a nice ring to it! Jeannie Mai and Jeezy are officially dating and the word on the street is they are extremely happy! For those that need a clue, Jeannie is a host on “The Real,” a show that’s like “The View” with a younger demo. Jeezy is still the trap god.

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Next up: Common and Angela Rye . These two actually broke up and got back together. I thought it was all Angela’s fault since we know Common is a good dude, but it was the opposite. According to reports, he “had to get his mind right.” I am happy for them!

This is not really a rumor, but it is all that people are talking ’bout on the social media. Actor Malik Yoba finds trans people attractive! Now, he’s making this admission, because a young man that also was into trans women killed himself after he was shamed on the internet for it. These hood dudes straight bullied him on camera and then he killed himself. Well, Malik decided to “come out” in solidarity with him, but that’s all people are focused on. Now, in closed circles and hushed tones, insiders are saying they have known that Malik was bi. Others have said there is no “seat” in the car for him, according to the laws of Dave Chappelle. However, if he is a “B,” then there is a seat! Nevertheless, the rumors, check out EXACTLY what the “Undercover New York” and “Empire” star had to say.