Conway And Canibus Release Odd Christmas Songs! Listen Here!

Canibus and Conway

Canibus and Conway have a pair of songs that test the Christmas spirit! Give them a listen!

For most people Christmas is a time of family and bliss. Kids get a lot of toys. Women get a bunch of stuff too. Men get deoderant and socks! If you are Christian, this is the birthday of baby Jesus. And, if you are a secular pagan, you believe a white man fits down the chimney. If you are from other walks of life, nothing really changes. And that brings us to Canibus and Conway.

Canibus has dropped “Covid Santa,” a wild song that chronicles the uneventful life and times of Saint Nick in a pandemic. The song is featured on the new Canibus album KAIJU, and it talks about an UnJolly man that catches Covid! Not only that, Mrs. Claus left him! At the end of his days…Canibus tells the story of how we came to lose this man! By, the way, he dropped a video and official Covid Santa NFT – that’s at You have to hear this to even come clpse to believing it!

And then there’s Conway The Machine.

Conway has released “Die On Xmas.” This song is a banger that has a bit more of a traditional Griselda Record that happens to have a Christmas title. By the way, there’s some intersectionality here. Westside Gunn got Covid for the second time and says it is presently kicking his butt! Prayers for a speedy recovery! We certainly do not want to be putting death in the air like that, right? AND THAT SAID…Conway and Benny go bar for bar on this banging beat. As far as I am concerned, this is just a Christmas song in name only, and it will bang for quite a bit after the holiday.

What do you think of them?!