Cormega Says Being In The Firm Was Like Being In New Edition!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Well rapper Cormega recently sat down for an interview to talk about the past, present and the future.

This new Cormega is now polished according to the rapper. He also says that people calling him a legend makes him uncomfortable because he hasn’t done as much as some of the other Hip Hop legends have done. He expresses that he wants to do more before he gets that title.

When interviewer M Reck got to asking about Cormega’s time in The Firm, Cormega almost didn’t want to talk about it, but he ended up opening up.

“It was like being in f-cking, it was like being in New Edition. That sh-t was like. All you gotta do, watch the Apollo when The Firm performed. MF was screaming. That sh-t was magical, that was the first supergroup in rap. There will never ever ever ever ever be another group like the firm. ‘Cause it was just too perfect. You had everybody in their prime. You had elite spitters,” said Cormega.

He said the group never reached it’s potential and never had a sequel. He said his fans don’t care because he was never a status rider. Cormega doesn’t believe in dick riding for looks. He says he does feel that a lot of rappers would’ve crumbled after a group like The Firm crumbling though.

Luckily Cormega says he hasn’t been hurting because people believe his music falls in the classic category. But this New Edition comment has me thinking. What does he mean exactly? Does this mean it was all for show, but there was so much turmoil behind the scenes? What are your thoughts?