Could Nick Cannon Be A Father For The 9th Time?

Could Nick Cannon be welcoming baby 9? One of his BM’s is pregnant again, right after having his twins.

Nick Cannon!

It looks like the rumors have already begun with Nick Cannon. It seems like Nick Cannon might be a father for the ninth time. Clearly, we don’t know yet, but let’s examine where this rumor started.

She wrote: 

BABY #3 ON THE WAY! I can’t believe I’m going to be a mama of 3 UNDER 3, sheeshhh! 

I’m so excited for this continued journey into motherhood <3

Abby de la Rosa, the mother of his two twins, is pregnant again. 11-month-old twins, Zion and Zillion, have a sibling. Take a moment to read that again. She’s pregnant already after her kids aren’t even one year old! Anyway, she is looking to monetize the situation.

She is having people pay for her OnlyFans account in order to REVEAL who the father is. I am assuming she knows the father.

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I’m not paying for nothing though!

But, I am sure there are people that will pay, especially if they think that Nick Cannon is the father. Can you imagine Nick Cannon having nine kids? Or is that 10? I sure can! For some reason, I think that he’s really enjoying this attention he’s getting. I’m not sure if he’s getting best father of the year or worst father of the year at this point! He rich so I am going to give him a B for “best.” At any rate, Bro is definitely looking at the possibility of being a father yet again.

I’m not sure why homegirl would tease the situation if it wasn’t Nick Cannon because nobody would care otherwise. Respectfully! Anyway, Nick seems to be a great guy to her. Somebody keyed up her car, a Range Rover nonetheless, and he ended up buying her a brand new Range Rover – matte black. Haters cannot win against this glow up. I don’t think that she would have a problem having another baby with Brother Cannon! Ha ha ha ha!

Here are the beautiful babies!

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Anyway, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. They look happy enough to make more babies.

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