Country Singer Travis Tritt Takes A Shot At BET & Beyonce


The country singers are still BIG MAD about Beyonce performing at the CMA Music Awards.

I mean I didn’t know black people needed a formal invitation from the white community to an award show that celebrates a genre that they created.

Country singer Travis Tritt had to learn the hard way that the Beyhive doesn’t play when he took a shot at Beyonce, BET, and Soul Train.

The singer tweeted,

“I want to know when the BET or Soul Train awards are going to ask a country artist to perform on their awards show.”

But the answer is so simple, when a country artist puts out a smash hit that’s actually a rap or R&B song, or is at least featured on a song that is.

They act like Beyonce got up there and performed the rest of her ‘Lemonade’ album or her old material. Ummmm “Daddy Lessons” is actually a country song.

Weren’t his last four albums flops anyway. BET and the BET Awards have always been inclusive anyway. He tried it. Maybe the hive will ease up on him in a few days.