Credit Cards & The Scammers: Blac Youngsta Used To Sell Fake Bricks For $90k


To say Blac Youngsta is a character, would be an understatement.

Youngsta once made headlines after he was wrongfully arrested outside of a Wells Fargo bank for withdrawing $200K.

While many love to hate Blac Youngsta, many love him for his wild antics on social media. Youngsta has certainly become a stunt King we suppose.

In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Blac Youngsta seems to reveal that he has a bit of a scamming past.

Growing up in South Memphis, the rapper says he couldn’t afford food so he began working at a store and would take home leftovers after making false delivery calls.

“I used to make false calls and s***, order food, and s*** so when it got closer for when we leave, and they don’t come get the food, I just get the leftovers,” said Youngsta

Unfortunately once his employer’s business closed its doors, Blac Youngsta was forced to turn to a life of selling drugs on the streets to even his friends and family. Youngsta even recalls selling crack at age 12 and 13.

The Memphis rapper goes on to explain that he was involved in shootouts for selling fake bricks to customers!

“I used to serve n-ggas fake bricks, I ain’t going to lie. Getting $90,000 or something out of a n-gga real fast back then because it was just a little bit cheaper…I used to have a lot of shootouts and sh-t because I was selling n-ggas bullsh-t dope. I didn’t care.” said Blac

This explains a lot in regards to how Blac Youngsta behaves. He never gave AF. Lol.