Da Brat Turned Down Verzuz Against Trina…$150K!?!

Da Brat

Da Brat is doing the dang thing, so much so that she told Verzuz to kick rocks!

This is interesting. Da Brat made a claim, that Verzuz offered her a whopping $150k to perform in front of many people, but she said she declined it! What?! She declined what most of us make in 2 years for a couple hours of work? WHY?! I love me some Brat, and on the low, she is a helluva MC!!

Anyway, she was a last minute replacement for Eve, because it seemed like Eve was sick. She felt like a second fiddle so she told them to hold that little money. I have to give her some respect over that position, because I would have taken that money FAST. But she has the ability to make some money, unlike me.

The folks at Triller are interesting. I am not feeling how they shot down Stephanie Mills vs Chaka Khan! I would love to see them perform and shine! Two queens of this thing of ours! By the way, Da Brat is no slouch. Her 1994 album Funkdafied made her the first female rapper to go platinum. Big TINGS! Anyway, she did the right thing. With a new show coming, Da Brat-tat-tat is doing her thing!

YOOOO! Da Brat can sing too! Who knew? I was today’s-years old!