Da Brat Gets A Crazy Reply With “Birthday Surprise” For Big Sis LisaRaye!

Da Brat LisaRaye

Da Brat, LisaRaye, and beef go hand in hand.

What is going on with Da Brat and LisaRaye? Randomly, I think Da Brat and DaBaby should do a song together. Anyway, a lot of people may not realize it or care that Da Brat and LisaRaye are sisters. I always thought they got along for the most part, even though I admit I do not know for sure. I just never heard much BEEF coming them. Well the oasis, called Fox Soul (who does not seem to catch any flack like Fox News), hosted a surprise birthday event that LisaRaye was not ready for.

Da Brat popped up in the live event and the reaction by her big sis was not expected. She basically said, “Where you been?” and looked like she wanted to cuss out Brat. This network did something similar with T.I. when they revealed a baby by his daughter. Anyway, LisaRaye seems to be p##### that Da Brat did not tell her she was a lesbian and…found out on the blogs like all of us. Wait a sec…she just found out like us? Personally, I have suspected that she was gay since she came out. So, why didn’t LisaRaye know?

Anyway….check it out.

OK, I just watched the video. LisaRaye knew, but she wishes she knew the announcement was coming. Welp! LisaRaye went off though!