Dame Dash Is Backpedaling Again


Dame Dash is backpedaling again. The Harlem boss seems to have had a change of heart and now “real men” can have bosses. Dash is now saying his philosophy is to “invest in yourself” whether you’re the boss or the worker. He’s now saying it’s okay to work for the man just make sure you put some of that money back and use some to invest. These new comments are a sharp contrast to the ones he made during his interview at The Breakfast Club. Dash also said the younger generation is embracing his messages of independence and investing in yourself. Dash continues to be a “Boss” it seems as he is releasing his next film soon, launching a Netflix-like service, and launching a whiskey and white wine soon.

“I’m not saying don’t go get a job,” Dash told BOSSIP. “I’m saying while you have that job, invest some of that into putting it into something you own. Instead of buying sneakers and cars, put it in a business.”